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    Are you overwhelmed by so many ideas that your business is paralyzed—and then you wind up doing nothing?

    Discover a low-pressure approach to get unstuck and propel your business forward—by creating three actionable steps tailored to your goals.


You know that you need to move forward and take action in your business, so you search for answers everywhere.


Does this feel familiar?

You subscribe to many online business blogs by the gurus, you buy online marketing courses and you try to follow the steps, but you’re still looking for clarity around your business.

By now, you’ve got a pile of e-courses and e-newsletters in your inbox and strategies for list-building – Facebook marketing…webinars …copywriting …networking on LinkedIn – but you have no idea where to start.

You’ve seen other people post how they’ve gone from zero to six figures by following a few simple steps—but those steps don’t feel right to you.

You also don’t resonate with the me, me, me marketers out there.

To top it all off, you’re a pro at seeing and mapping out all of the ideas and possibilities, but it’s challenging to pick a path…so you end up doing nothing.

When you collect too much information, you don’t know what steps to take

In fact, when you’re stuck, it sometimes seems like everyone else is growing their email lists, getting clients and posting about five-figure product launches.

When you start looking at what everyone else is doing, it leads you to either beat yourself up or copy them.

Neither of these strategies helps you get more clients and grow your business.

And then you ask yourself, “Why can’t I do this?”

It’s like watching your friend get in shape by running every day

You buy a treadmill and dream about using it every day so you, too, can get in shape. Then you come to find out, you hardly use it. Why? Because you don’t have a coach supporting you. And worse, you might find out that you don’t even like to run.

Did you know that getting stuck when running your business has nothing to do with being lazy or not smart enough?

As an entrepreneur, you want to build a successful business doing what you love—because you know that you’re smart enough and can work hard.

Have you thought lately “If I just learn to write better, market my business or build a new website, then I’ll be able to make my business work”?

If so, it’s probably because you’re a thinker and a planner, and trying to decide which information is right for you keeps you stuck.

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could find a personalized, low-pressure coaching program to help you get unstuck . . . and move your business forward by using an easy, step-by-step plan to market and build your business?


Introducing the “Get Out of Your Head and Into Action” Coaching Program


The “Get Out of Your Head and Into Action” coaching program is a low-pressure, customized coaching program.

It’s specifically designed to get entrepreneurs like you to stop overanalyzing all the information you collect—and to start moving forward with an easy, step-by-step plan to market and build your business.

This program is customized to your specific business goals—it’s not an off-the-shelf product like so many of those other coaching programs.

What really helped me more than anything else was working on my brand one-on-one with a real expert – Jocelyn. I don’t think this is work you can really just do on your own with a bunch of free opt-ins and Googling. It just doesn’t work. Having someone who can uncover what makes you unique, help you discover your style and see your strengths is so valuable. Especially if it’s someone like Jocelyn who is intuitive, and can see what people have that they’re hiding. She’s got depth and compassion and insight and just a way of feeling into things. It’s remarkable. It’s great. She’s such a good combination of intuition, strategy and business experience…

Krissy Ruddy | www.krissyruddy.com

What’s included in your coaching sessions? Here’s a peek inside the program:


One-on-one coaching sessions

Unlike other coaching programs that don’t give you custom feedback, the “Get Out of Your Head and Into Action” program provides you step-by-step action plans with personalized feedback. This feedback ensures that you stay on track with a realistic plan that’s tailored to your business goals.

You’ll clarify your desired results before we get started. We’ll also create action steps that will help you make significant progress in your business. If the first action items aren’t the right ones for you, we’ll work together until we get them right. The result? Realistic outcomes you establish to get you and your business moving forward.

Go at your own pace

Instead of crashing through a typical online coaching program just to get it done, the “Get Out of Your Head and Into Action” program is a low-pressure system, allowing you to move at the pace you want.

Conquer inertia

So many coaching programs depend on you to complete the program. When that’s the case, it’s difficult to successfully complete the course. The “Get Out of Your Head and Into Action” program has only three steps to take, so it’s easy to complete. It also makes it easy for you to be held accountable.

Tools tailored to your business goals

Most coaching programs make you follow steps and exercises that may not apply to you. That’s a waste of your time and money. Instead, you’ll get just what you need—not every tool that I have to offer. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed and can implement your ideas easily and effectively.

Visual notes

During some coaching programs, you have to balance talking, listening and writing. Unlike other programs where you get nothing or perhaps a Word document from the coach, you’ll get detailed visual notes from each of our sessions. Even though you think you’re talking too much and getting nowhere, when you receive the visual notes from our conversations, you’ll be able to see our conversations in pictures and words so you can more easily—and quickly— begin to make connections for a path forward.

Idea journal

During our coaching process, you’ll come up with a lot of different ideas. We’ll uncover them during our first session, but if you come up with more, you’ll be able to write them down in your journal for me to look at during the next session. That way, you won’t feel like you’re on hold until our next session. This journal allows you to keep your momentum going.


When you share an action plan with someone and set goals for completion, you’re more likely to get those goals completed. Unlike other programs in which you set your goals and you’re on your own, I’ll make sure you get things done. You decide what level of accountability you want.

Information detox

Making progress in your business can be hard at times—that’s why we’ll create lists together. We’ll sort through all the to-do lists, should-do lists and information you’ve absorbed from all your learnings. We’ll discover the information and necessary steps that you need to make progress in your business.

Gain confidence and reassurance

When you take small steps during your coaching time, you’ll move forward and make the right decisions for you and your business. This action builds upon itself, giving you the confidence and reassurance you need to keep moving forward.

Progress reports

When you’re working in your business, it’s difficult to see how much progress you’ve made. I’ll keep track of what you’ve done to show you how far you’ve come since we started. If you feel like you’re not making progress, you’ll get discouraged and think about quitting. It’s the small action steps and wins that give you the boost you need to keep going.

Plan together

This is about clarifying your vision and the steps that will work for you. I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll help you find the path that will get you moving toward success in your business.

No awkward goodbyes

Sometimes when you work with a coach, the sessions come to an end and saying goodbye can be awkward. We won’t end like that. I like to check in and see how you’re doing even after we’ve finished our work together.

You might be thinking, “I can create these strategies myself. In my work, I help other business owners create action plans and get things done. I can grow my own business without extra help—I just need to set the time aside to do it.”


This feeling is normal. But many people who are experts at helping others plan and take action in their businesses can feel challenged when trying to do this for themselves. It can feel silly to get stuck when you help others get unstuck. What most entrepreneurs don’t realize is that it’s normal to be unable to see what steps to take next from inside your own business. Many times, an outside perspective and an opportunity to talk it out is all you need. Even though you might be the expert, sometimes it takes another perspective to help you move forward.

I began working with Jocelyn because I had tons of ideas and was overwhelmed with where to start and what to do. She quickly helped me to untangle my huge idea ball of yarn, find the most brilliant thread and clearly see both the big picture and the small steps for my business. Once I had all the ideas out of my head, my action plan was clear. That's exactly the help that I needed to move to action.

Bev Barnes | www.BevBarnes.com

There are branding courses out there that explain how to do all this, and they’re less expensive


Yes, they are. But the results are often lackluster if you don’t follow the steps exactly as they’re written.

While these programs have excellent tactics and advice, they might not work for you.

By exploring where you are and where you want to go, we will co-design an action plan that works exactly the way you want it to.

Working with Jocelyn got me through the wilds of the day to day "get it done" and into the clearing of "what we should be focused on" to get to the next level in my business. She can read the label from outside the bottle and help you innovate. She's so present and tuned in to what we're doing whether it's in a live meeting or via phone/computer. Best of all, she's objective, has great sense of humor and makes the whole strategic planning process informative and entertaining!

Kris Manning | www.themusicbattery.com

The Ring Effect Guarantee

I’m so confident the “Get Out of Your Head and Into Action” coaching program will take your business to the next level and give you the results you want that I’m offering you my Ring Effect Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don’t see better results from your coaching sessions, all you need to do is tell me after our first session. Just send me an email and I’ll cheerfully refund your money—no questions asked.

The Ring Effect Guarantee applies only to participants who complete all the assignments through the first coaching session.


The Get Out of Your Head and Into Action program is unique because it is a custom-designed action plan to grow your business.

Most online coaching programs are not custom-designed; they give you their information and their steps without understanding what you need.

The Get Out of Your Head and Into Action coaching program gives you the exact information you need for your business because we create a personalized action plan from scratch. I also make sure you are accountable every step of the way.


Your coaching sessions are packed with helpful strategies like:

  • How saying “no” more often helps you attract more—and better—clients
  • Why trusting your intuition is the best (counterintuitive) strategy for your business, and how to trust it more often
  • Three steps to stop overthinking (and how to avoid falling into the trap again)
  • How to make your productivity skyrocket by eliminating your to-do list
  • Why having nonnegotiable “me time” on your calendar is the least selfish thing you can do—even when seemingly more important items are on your to-do list

And more:

  • 6 soul-fueling questions to uncover your best next move
  • Why creating a DELIBERATE action plan through TINY steps leads to SIGNIFICANT results
  • How to learn to be comfortable with confusion (and why confusion means you’re on the path to clarity)
  • Why understanding your creative process helps you generate the best work (with the most impact)
  • Why aligning your thoughts with your goals is so difficult (but why you MUST align them in order to move your business forward)

And even more strategies

  • 4 questions to understand how you learn and process information (so you can communicate more effectively to your customers)
  • How to (easily) clear your mind by getting your ideas down on paper (so you can start focusing on what’s most important)
  • The biggest myth about clarity is that you can think your way to it (here’s a tip: you can’t)
  • How consistent actions create business clarity (and why moving in any direction helps you move forward)
  • How to say goodbye to second-guessing yourself, and how to more easily achieve your goals

And more benefits:

  • How to kick your perfectionism addiction (without feeling like you’re delivering subpar work)
  • Why the “50 and 10” method helps you get more done (even while you take breaks)
  • How 10 minutes of nonnegotiable time in the morning helps you take control over your business day
  • 5 steps to spotting (hidden and often overlooked) working patterns—and how to use them to your advantage
  • Why listening to your intuition creates clarity around your marketing strategy (so you don’t have to engage in marketing practices you don’t like to do)



Sounds awesome, what’s the investment?

The “Get out of your head and into action” program is $797

How do I call to schedule time with you?

You’ll begin by answering a few questions to help me see if we’re a good fit. If I believe I can help you, I’ll send you a payment link. After you’ve signed up for the program, you’ll receive a welcome email with an auto-scheduler to choose the date and time for your first session. After we meet, you’ll receive a scheduling link for the next appointment. Please note that you can manage your appointments, but you will need to give 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule.

How will we meet?

We will meet via Zoom conferencing. You can join via phone or the Web.

How long do I have to complete my sessions?

You have two months to complete your three sessions. I’ve found that this is plenty of time for people to work on action plans, refine them and get results.

Picking the right coaching program is getting out of control. Can your coaching program really point me in the right direction?

Yes, it can. I’ve worked with dozens of clients—from Fortune 500s to solopreneurs—for years, and every one of them has experienced a breakthrough and made progress as a result of our work together.

What happens when we work together and I find out the program doesn’t fit my needs?

No problem. Just let me know by the end of our first coaching session and I’ll promptly refund your money—no questions asked. See the Ring Effect Guarantee.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Space is Limited, So Reserve Your Spot Now!

Because of the intense customization of this program, I am accepting a very limited number of clients. Don’t wait any longer. You can keep your business at the same level as it is now…or you can take control of your business and ramp up the results you’re looking for.


Now is the time to stop procrastinating and start crafting your very own strategy to grow your business.

There are limited spaces available and prices will go up—so lock in your spot now. And don’t forget, if you have any questions, you can email or call me anytime and I’ll promptly answer them.