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    Are you explaining your process over and over again until you’re blue in the face…only to find your audience still looking confused?

    Here’s a one-of-a-kind marketing tool that takes the essence and energy of what you do and squeezes it into a life-size visual chart—so your audience can say, “Oh, I get what you do…I need to hire you!”


There aren’t many guarantees in life


But one thing is certain.

At some point during a conversation with your prospects, they’re going to ask you one simple question…

“How does your process work?”

Hey, it’s a fair enough question, right?

And it should be simple enough to answer

In fact, it IS simple enough to answer.

You’ve done it a million times before.

But here’s the problem.

You’ve explained your process until you’re blue in the face…and people still look confused!

And that’s when a lack of confidence starts creeping in

For you AND your audience.

But here’s the real kicker…

You know your process works and gets results

You know that the solution you have is going to solve the problem your audience has right now.

And you also know you’re the best person to help them.

But prospects leave confused about your program.

And you’re left wondering why more people aren’t interested in learning more about what you can do for them.

In the end, you can’t create a compelling-enough offer.

It’s like when someone stops you and asks, “Do you live here?”

You answer, “Yes.”

They’re relieved and ask you for directions.

You explain how to get from here to there.

It’s clear as day to you, but the traveler just looks confused.

If only you had a map, or even a pen and paper, to SHOW them the way—they would know instantly how to get to their destination.

What’s the greatest challenge for entrepreneurs?

It’s cutting through the noise to grab—and keep—someone’s attention.

One of the most effective ways to cut through that noise (so you can stand out from the competition) is by using visuals.

So wouldn’t it be cool to use visuals in a way that clearly and effectively shows the process you use when you work with your clients?

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    Introducing the Visual Roadmap Chart

    …a soup-to-nuts collaborative service that captures the steps in your process by using an exclusive blend of visuals, metaphors and text so that you – and your message – immediately capture the imagination and heart of your audience.



Forget about stumbling your way through a conversation or presentation when describing your process to a potential customer.


The Visual Roadmap Chart will give you unbounded confidence when presenting your ideas. Why? Because your audience can SEE your process—they can SEE the steps you take, so they don’t have to guess what they are.

The Visual Roadmap Chart is based on 11 years of Jocelyn Ring’s research, consulting and field-tested client delivery services.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small-business owner or the director of a large marketing department, you will find the Visual Roadmap Chart to be your “go to” tool when explaining how your program works.

The Visual Roadmap Chart instantly sets you and your signature coaching program apart from the completion.

How cool is that?


Jocelyn did a great job of providing a visual representation of our group's collective thinking. We used her work to help us present our ideas to a national organization in a unique way. It worked – we were able to sell our ideas and we were selected as one of five communities to participate in a national project.

As we talk about our process of being selected to participle in a national project, I talk about our work with Jocelyn frequently. I have had several people express interest in working with Jocelyn. Any organization or community group that wants to communicate their ideas in a concrete, yet creative way would benefit from Jocelyn's services.

Jocelyn brings a unique set of skills to the table and can help community groups develop their ideas and communicate them in a way that is easy and fun to understand.

Molly Metz | Vice President of Programs, Mary Black Foundation

What’s included in your sessions?


Totally unique: 8' x 4'

The scale of your Visual Roadmap Chart is 8' x 4'. It’s the perfect size for group presentations and seminars or for Skype presentations and webinars. It’s common to see smaller charts in presentations, but this is unlike anything anyone else uses. The Visual Roadmap Chart easily rolls up into a cardboard shipping tube so you can travel with it and not worry about damaging it. If you intend to use it on the road frequently, you can have your roadmap printed on vinyl for durability. That way, you can keep the original chart at home.

Build and create a robust collection of ongoing content

Creating your roadmap isn’t the end of showing your process to prospects—it’s the beginning of a new journey. The Visual Roadmap Chart lets you build a ROBUST collection of new and original content. You can create a variety of content like blog articles, new programs within current programs, seminars, webinars, e-books and much more. When you look at your map, you’ll see opportunities to create content that you’ve never been able to see or create before.

Increased sense of self, energy and confidence

Let’s face it: sometimes you’re just not up to giving a presentation, or you might feel a little “blue.” When you use your Visual Roadmap Chart, you’ll discover that you have the same energy as the roadmap—there’s no shrinking down! The BIGNESS and WHOLENESS make you stand up and say, “This is my process and I believe in it!” You’ll have a stronger sense of self and more confidence in what you do and how you do it.

Show your process (or how to instantly be remarkable)

Many coaches don’t know where their clients are in their process. The Visual Roadmap Chart is grounding—it helps you figure out where your clients are in the process and what you need to work on so you can move forward and get the best results. Your chart takes the mystery out of where your clients think they are when they work with you. And if you have a specific set of steps that you want your clients to follow, your chart will clearly illustrate those steps for them. And the best part? Your chart will help you become a better and more effective coach.

5 steps to capture your unique process

Working with me to create your Visual Roadmap Chart is simple. There are five steps to creating your chart…

Step 1: Holding a discovery call

The first step is conducting a call to discover exactly what you’re looking for.

You’ll describe to me your process and how it works.

For instance, is your process describing your:

  • Coaching program?
  • Visual resume?
  • Online program?
  • Group presentations?
  • One-on-one meetings?

I’ll learn about your business as well as your clients and how you work with them.

How will we know if we’re a good fit for each other?

Well, if your process is about 95 percent worked out, then there’s a good chance we’re a great fit. (Remember: these charts are a visual summary of your process that has already been worked out.)

What’s next?

Step 2: Drafting ideas

drafting ideas

If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll move on to step two: drafting ideas.

You and I will dig deeper into your ideas. This is where we’ll identify your:

  • Process
  • Outcomes
  • Discrete steps
  • Descriptions for what is happening in each step

People remember metaphors and stories more easily than bare facts, so together we’ll think about different metaphors that match your approach, philosophy and the different steps throughout your process.

We’ll use your words and ideas so that the metaphors you use not only become memorable but resonate with your audience. The best part about this is that you’ll start attracting the kinds of clients you want to work with.

Do you have a branded name for your process?

If you do, that’s great; we’ll see what metaphors work.

If not, we’ll work on creating the main metaphor and see what names come up.

I’ll take all the ideas we’ve generated, hide in my studio for a while and start sketching out some rough visual ideas.

The next step is all about…

Step 3: Reviewing and revising ideas

Once I’ve designed some visual drafts, I’ll email you these ideas so we can review them together.

We’ll finalize what works…and what doesn’t.

Once we’re all set, you sign off on the final design.

Next…I create the final design.

Step 4: Creating your Visual Roadmap Chart (and digitizing in various formats)

This is where I go to work in my art studio to create your 8' x 4' Visual Roadmap Chart.

Here’s a peek behind the curtain…

  • I start by rolling out a giant 8' x 4' piece of paper.
  • Next to that, I have the 8½" x 11" sketch of your map.
  • Nearby, I have a pile of sticky notes I use to plot where all your visual content goes on a larger scale.


  • Then I create what are called “pencil guidelines.” Pencil guidelines are like a grid.
  • I sketch out everything in pencil, including all the words and images.
  • Once it looks great and is to scale, I use a marker and ink the drawings in. I always use a variety of colors so the various ideas you shared with me spring to life.
  • Next, I photograph the giant piece of paper and then walk away from it for a while. (That’s so I have fresh eyes to see if there’s anything I missed while drawing the roadmap.)
  • I dot the i’s and cross the t’s and check to make sure the entire roadmap is on track.
  • Once the Visual Roadmap Chart is done, I photograph it again.
  • Then I send a high-resolution photo to a designer, who will format the roadmap into an 8½" x 11" JPG and PDF so that you can use it in multiple situations.


Step 5: Delivering your chart


Once I get the digital formats back from the designer, I’ll send you:

  • A JPG file
  • A PDF file
  • The original 8' x 4' drawing

Optional: Need to travel with your Visual Roadmap Chart? Worried that the roadmap might get ruined over time? Not a problem. You can have your chart printed on vinyl—so it’s highly durable and can stand up to the rough-and-tumble of the road. The heavy-duty vinyl keeps your roadmap in good condition through multiple uses.


Why couldn’t I just sit down with a graphic designer for an hour and explain my process to create a chart?


Here’s what Bev Barnes discovered during our time together:

Jocelyn also helped me to create an incredible visual map for my clients. She totally "got" what steps were most important to me, how I wanted it to feel and what I wanted to express. Jocelyn has the mind of an experienced business strategist and heart of an artist, healer, guide. I adore working with her!

Bev Barnes | www.BevBarnes.com

What if I find, while I’m using my process with clients, that I want to make changes to the process? What happens then? Is that a problem?


Your process needs to be at least 95 percent in place before we start creating your chart. However, if after the chart is completed you want to change a few words, that can be accomplished digitally.

Here’s what Sally Smith experienced when she wanted to change her chart:

Jocelyn had completed the chart for us and we were thrilled with the results. We’d spent time planning the contents and refined the drafts, so we knew we’d love the final image. When we used the chart in a meeting, we realized that we wanted to change two of the headers. We weren’t sure if this was possible, but Jocelyn was able to update the digital version with the words that we preferred. It was easy! The original art did not change, but we have the updated digital version and are able to reproduce that in any size. We’re glad that we had done all the work upfront and only needed minor adjustments.

Sally Smith

The Collaborative Commitment


You might be thinking, What if my Visual Roadmap Chart doesn’t turn out like I imagine it?

I hear you.

Getting a designer on the same page as you are can be a challenge.

For instance, you tell the designer what you want.

You think you’ve expressed yourself clearly and that the designer understands what you need.

But you get a design that doesn’t hit the mark.

You’re surprised and—worse—disappointed.

And you can’t spend a dime more to redo it.

So you resign yourself to the design and move on.

While I don’t offer a refund, I do work very closely with you during every step of the chart process.

We will work collaboratively as a team, and I’m committed to making sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your chart.

If you are still working out your process or aren’t sure a chart is right for you, that’s OK—perhaps there will be an opportunity for us to work together down the road, once you’re ready.


Getting your Visual Roadmap Chart isn’t the end of the process—it’s the beginning of creating and building exciting new opportunities


You’ll learn:

  • How to break down your process into steps so you’ll know what you need to do and when you need to do it (finally, you’ll be able to choose and prioritize what to focus on and what to create next)
  • Why your chart helps you align your branding goals to the process you own (like updating your website, creating marketing materials, conducting webinars, etc.)
  • How to use your chart to figure out what your client needs help with at the right time (instead of going down the wrong path)
  • How to bring to life previous ideas that didn’t seem to make sense at the time (because your chart shows you how those ideas fit into the bigger picture)
  • How to ramp up the clarity of your process to a whole new level

And you’ll discover:

  • How to see your “inner genius” every time you coach your clients, by taking your verbal discussions and turning them into colorful visuals
  • Why using a Visual Roadmap Chart turns a potentially heavy, challenging and serious process into something light, fun and playful—yet transformational
  • Why your clients feel safe when they see you have a tested and proven process, not a process that you’re making up as you go along
  • How to feel confident that your process is finally finished and solidified—giving you tons of credibility about what you are doing and who you are as a business owner and thought leader
  • How to build credibility and authority when coaching by using your personal style, unique process, combination of techniques and sequence of steps
  • Why sticky notes create chaos and how a Visual Roadmap Chart creates order
  • How to take the essence and energy of what you do and squeeze it into something concrete
  • Why streamlining and honing your step-by-step process gets rid of all the nonessential components in your process
  • Why building a legacy creates a business that is bigger than you—so you can be known as the coach who has an effective process that gets results (using your “secret sauce”)

What makes the Visual Roadmap Chart so unique?


Imagine: You’re about to meet a potential client.

Your brain is swirling with all the factors you can talk about that will make you stand out from everyone else—factors like your features, benefits, bonuses, exclusive this and exclusive that.

Hey, those factors are important.

But imagine giving your presentation with your 8' x 4' Visual Roadmap Chart behind you.

A chart that few—if any—others have.

A chart that visually represents your process.

Having a compelling visual behind you gives you that “extra edge” so many are looking for.

Visuals improve learning by up to 400 percent. When you can SHOW someone what you’re going to lead them through vs. telling them, you’ll be one of only a few coaches who can communicate your step-by-step process in seconds—using the Visual Roadmap Chart.

Look, you know it as well as I do.

Coaches who sell their programs are always trying to outdo each other by using one thing or another, from bonuses and funky sales copy to their features and benefits.

Now, you can stand out from everyone else just by using your Visual Roadmap Chart for webinars, one-on-one meetings and large group presentations.


Is a Visual Roadmap Chart right for you?


It may be, if you are qualified to participate.

I personally review each application to make sure we’ll be a good fit when we work on your chart together.

So here’s what you need to do.

Head on over to the application page and answer a few background questions, which will help me understand your business and process.

If I think we are a good match, then we’ll schedule a free, one-hour discovery call, during which we’ll review your application in further detail and you can ask me any questions about the project.

At the end of the discovery call, we’ll decide whether or not to proceed.


Ready to Wow Your Audience?

Yes, I'm Ready to Create My Visual Roadmap Chart!

Tired of talking about your process until you’re blue in the face? Are you ready to wow your audience instead? Remember, you’ll receive your colorful and memorable Visual Roadmap Chart in multiple formats that you can use in webinars, small or large group presentations, and one-on-one meetings. You’ll get:

  • A JPG file
  • A PDF file
  • The original 8' x 4' chart

    And don’t forget, if you have any questions, you can email me and I’ll promptly get back to you with answers.